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Aim and Concept

The Information Initiative Center aims at building the most advanced information processing environment in Japan. It is NAIST's belief that the unlimited potential of the information processing technology and flexible availability of the environment (which facilitates freewheeled thinking) give impetus to highly creative research activities.

The center is designed based on the following three principles derived from the dynamism of "walking around in nature":

Cutting-edge research platform

NAIST conducts advanced education and research in the fields of information science, biological sciences and materials science.

In promoting pioneering education programs and unique research projects, it is essential to exchange information by actively utilizing computers and networks.

ITC has developed an information-processing environment tailored for education and research based on state-of-the-art information-processing equipment, to support education and research activities.

High mobility

The information-processing environment offered by ITC enables faculty members and students to harness information-processing capabilities from anywhere.

Such capabilities are needed with outstanding flexibility in portable devices.

Indeed, this environment allows any user to process information anywhere, at any time.

To sustain this environment, ITC ensures unified account management, centrally managed information resources with file servers and offers extensive network support, thereby enabling excellent mobility.

Cooperative distributed processing environment

ITC has constructed a single, large-scale distributed processing environment based on a high-speed network. Main personal workstations are available for users, and when necessary, powerful servers (including image processing servers and compact calculation servers) are accessible via the NAIST network depending on user's needs.

In addition to building a cooperative distributed processing environment, ITC is also committed to developing and introducing network applications to make it easier for users to use computers via the network.

Environmental improvement of Digital Library

Since its establishment, the NAIST Library has worked to maintain and improve the digital library environment. The Library provides academic information quickly, accurately and electronically, and supports NAIST's advanced and original research, education and societal cooperation. The Library utilizes diversified technologies for digitizing academic information and builds a highly valuable user environment including functions such as searching, processing and editing. The Library consolidates and systematizes new information and knowledge, striving to be an facility that disseminates information around while incorporating unified management functions for research and educational achievements.

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